December 8, 2022
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Tompkins County Board of Elections releases race results

Election Day was Nov. 2 and voting occurred across the United States in the first general election since the 2020 Presidential Election where Joe Biden was elected as the 46th president.

New York state did not have a gubernatorial election this year, but there were multiple mayoral elections across the state including New York City and Buffalo. Ithaca had multiple races including the City of Ithaca Common Council, Tompkins County Legislature, town councilpersons and town justice. Residents also had five statewide proposals to vote on which all passed. All results are considered unofficial until all mail-in ballots are counted after Nov. 9.

For the City of Ithaca Common Council, residents elected five democrats in all five wards. There are 14 districts in Tompkins County, however, only four of the districts had more than one candidate running for Tompkins County Legislature. The other 10 were run uncontested.

The winner for town justice is Jim Salk; town councilpersons are Rich DePaolo, Margaret Johnson and Rob Rosen; City of Ithaca Common Councilperson from Ward 1 is Cynthia Brock, Ward 2 is Phoebe Brown, Ward 3 is Jeffrey Barken, Ward 4 is George DeFendini and Ward 5 is Robert Cantelmo. 

For Tompkins County Legislature, Travis Brooks won in District 1, Veronica Pillar in District 2, Henry Granison in District 3, Rich John in District 4, Anne Koreman in District 5, Michael Sigler in District 6, Dan Klein in District 7, Randolph Brown in District 8, Lee Shurtleff in District 9, Deborah Dawson in District 10, Shawna Black in District 11, Amanda Champion in District 12, Greg Mezey in District 13 and Thomas C. Corey in District 14.

Other states like Virginia and New Jersey held gubernatorial races, but New York’s gubernatorial will be held Nov. 8, 2022.