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Top officials’ pay increases

President Peggy R. Williams remains the highest paid employee at Ithaca College for fiscal year 2004–05, according to the college’s Internal Revenue Service form 990.

The 990 form reports the return of nonprofit organizations exempt from income tax, and lists the compensation, benefits and other allowances of the college’s employees.

Williams earned $246,560 in compensation during the 2004–05 fiscal year, an increase of $6,840, or 2.9 percent, from the 2003–04 year.

Williams’ contributions to employee benefit plans and deferred compensation were $35,144, an increase of $774, or 2.3 percent.

Contributions to employee benefits plans and deferred compensation are different for each employee and can go to areas like retirement funds, Social Security and health care programs, said Carl Sgrecci, vice president of finance and administration.

Williams’ total salary increased by 2.8 percent, comparable to administrators at private institutions. According to a March 4, 2005, article in The Chronicle of Higher Education, median salaries increased by 3.3 percent in the 2004–05 year.

According to a March 2 article in the Chronicle, college presidents had a median salary of $207,999.

Peter Bardaglio, provost and vice president of academic affairs, is the second-highest paid employee with a salary of $183,355. His salary increased $17,227 or 10.4 percent from the 2003–04 year, which exceeds the national increase for that time period.

Bardaglio’s contributions to employee benefit plans and deferred compensation were $23,055, a $5,969 or 34.9 percent increase from the 2003 –04 year.

Bardaglio announced in January he would take a sabbatical until his resignation in May.

The other top-paid officials include Sgrecci, with a total salary of $175,910; Shelley Semmler, vice president of institutional advancement, with a total salary of $164,867; and Nancy Pringle, vice president of legal affairs, with a total salary of $137,688.