January 30, 2023
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TWSM: April Fools

“This Week in Social Media” followed April Fools Day through tweets from the Ithaca community.

Ithacans shared their love and hatred for spring’s foolish holiday, posting about media pranks and Mother Nature’s celebration of the holiday. The following is a selection of tweets from the community about the day of pranks.


April Fools in Ithaca

Storified by The Ithacan· Sun, Apr 07 2013 18:23:38

Congrats to @GameOfThrones for being the only ones who could fool me this year, but that joke was a little too mean #AprilFoolsPrincess Dee
I can officially say I made it all the way through April Fools without falling for a singleee trick!!! #gotem #champ Lindsey Worker
I definitely thought Shain Gandee’s death was an April fools joke until I saw it on CNN. #notfunny #sosadChelsey Sinclair
Some of these April fools joke are so stupid.Tiffanyyyy Simmons
That time Ithaca played the ultimate April fools joke. #snoworspring @ The Tundra instagram.com/p/XldOz_u_t9/Morgan Beller
Getting my country twang on at the big event tonight #Aprilfools #ihatecountryLauren Porter
It Is So Fucking Hard To Give Anyone News On April Fools Day……..Dylan Palacio
The ny rangers have traded Gaborik, Richards, Miller and two 1st rd draft picks for Stamkos @DiehardNYRFan #AprilFoolsDavid Hablenko
I swear if this person replies april fools after i reply to this message.. I will go ape shitAlex Nowaczyk
Some April fools “pranks” are so obvious.. Annoying actualllyyyyAbbi Loper ✨
“@Ratchet2English: When someone trys an April fools prank on me.. pic.twitter.com/Ao2bHS4wfV”Emm
What if April Fools day doesnt exist and its been the longest prank in History? #AprilFoolsRyan O’Neil®
Wait guys… What if shain is planning a huge April fools prank on the world and he’s not actually dead!Joey Parmenter
If someone ever texted me on april’s fools day saying they loved me I would just be like “bitch, go away.”Becca Westerheide
Staying off twitter today. Can’t stand April fools day one bit.Ashley Hickey
Waiting for mother nature to scream April foolsmorganja
In actually crying in public cuz my moms April fools joke was lying to me about clay Matthews. Rollercoaster of emotions. Hate her.Claudia Perez
Real time quote from Accounting: “wait your computer can transmit smells? Why can’t I smell it?” #GoogleNose, solid April foolsJacob Tallman
Very funny Ithaca, #AprilFools. You can bring back the sun now. #snowChristine
Im gonna kill this test……april fools Garen Spendjian
If you tickle me i will elbow you in the face. Not an april fools joke. Ask kyleCasie Frederick
Always fun getting called into work early… Thought it was an April fools joke but nope see y’all around 9 tonight Tyler
Well I see Mother Nature is a big fan of April Fools…. It’s Snowing!Rob Lynch Sr.
Happy April fools day!Anthony Lubrano
Uh ohhhh almost April Fools Day… Watch out for meJen Andrews