March 23, 2023
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West Tower elevator shuts down due to vandalism

West Tower has only one elevator in operation as of March 26 because light bulbs were taken out from the ceiling. The unlit elevator was shut off for the safety of the residents.

The ceilings of the elevators have six lights, and someone has allegedly taken the bulbs out on multiple occasions. Megan Williams, residence director in West Tower, said this is the third time someone has taken the light bulbs from the elevator.

Williams said the elevator is currently out of service because the Office of Public Safety does not have any more light bulbs to replace the missing ones.

She also said Public Safety is working with her to speak with students who may be able to give tips on who has been taking the bulbs.

“If anyone has any information on who is taking them, I definitely want them to contact me or an RA,” Williams said.