November 30, 2022
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Editorial: Residence halls to stay open during Thanksgiving and spring breaks

Beginning this year, all residence halls and apartments will be open during Thanksgiving and spring breaks. The decision came after the Office of Residential Life saw an increase in the number of student requests to stay on campus during those breaks, according to Bonnie Prunty, director of Residential Life.

Before the decision, students were only permitted to stay in Terrace 3 or Boothroyd Hall during Thanksgiving and spring breaks. Students who lived in those halls had to submit a break occupancy form in order to stay, and those who resided elsewhere had to find a student in those halls to give them permission to stay in their rooms.

However, one downside to keeping the halls open during the breaks is the three dining halls will remain closed, Prunty said, due to a lack of employees. IC Square will be open for dining options, and students who have no choice but to stay should receive a dining stipend.

Keeping all residence halls open during shorter breaks is a wise choice on behalf of the Office of Residential Life. It makes accommodation arrangements much easier for international students, students on tighter traveling budgets, athletes and those who wish to work or have internships during the breaks.