December 4, 2022
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Bombers should be more ambitious

I just read the “College should compete with top-ranked teams” guest commentary, and I couldn’t agree more with the author.

Ever since coming to the U.S. to go to IC, come March, my roommate and I would be fervently following March Madness and cheering for Syracuse since we feel the team represents “our region.” But still it is not OUR school. The Orange are not our team, and we don’t fully identify with them.

I’ve always secretly envied all those people watching the games and thinking, “This is MY school playing.” I wish I and all other past, present and future IC students could experience that. Because more than anything else, sport has the power of giving people the feeling of belonging, of common purpose, of pride. And can’t Ithaca benefit if its students and alumni had a greater sense of school pride?

During my years at the college I was told many times to never be afraid to dream big and that there is nothing worse than settling for mediocrity — then why do we take this DIII ranking as something that’s been set in stone? Yes, it is easier being the big fish in the small pond. Yes, victory is more secure against the smaller schools. But does it really matter if there is almost no one there cheering for the team?

It is time we showed our Bombers we believe in them and their ability to compete on a national level — and win!

Stefana Vutova ’08

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