November 30, 2022
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Editorial: A sign of trouble

The timing of repairs to a college sign suggest the college’s upkeep priorities are not with the current campus community.

Amid numerous acts of vandalism this year was the recent theft of four letters from the Ithaca College sign located on Lyceum Drive. The decision to repair the sign before a major admissions event raises questions about the college’s priorities with campus upkeep.

The first brass letter was reportedly stolen Sept. 13, and the other three were reported to have been taken April 3. According to the Office of Facilities, the sign was fixed April 12, the first day of Ithaca Today, An Inside Look and the Seth Meyers event.

It has taken the administration almost seven months to address the problem. The sign was finally repaired during a high-profile admissions weekend, when many prospective students and their parents visit the campus for one last look before deciding to make a deposit to the college.

Leaving the sign in disrepair for seven months may create the impression that the administration is inefficient and campus security is a low priority. The timing of the repair during Ithaca Today may suggest that the college’s priorities are to impress prospective students who have not yet committed, as opposed to keeping the campus appealing for the the current community of students and faculty.