December 2, 2022
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Editorial: ASR is not the hero we need

The Assisting Students at Risk Initiative has entered into a new phase by hiring a new caseworker and creating the behavioral intervention team, made of key representatives across campus who will meet on a regular basis. Though it is good that the college wants to keep up with best practices around the nation, and this will be a good way to consolidate information and keep at-risk students on the radar of people who have the resources to help, this is not enough. This may be a step toward providing additional psychological services for students in need, but it is still not a full solution to the Center for Psychological Services’ lack of resources.

The ASR, which assists students in need of psychological help by making it easier for faculty members to direct students to CAPS, is a useful resource for supporting the needs of the student body. The ASR is beneficial for students who may be afraid to go to seek psychological services themselves or may not realize they need support.

However, the ASR does little to help CAPS satisfy its high levels of demand. It will actually increase demand for psychological services by encouraging more students to visit CAPS. The only thing that will be able to help CAPS deal with its high demand is additional staff members. Though the ASR is a step in the right direction, it doesn’t change CAPS’ lack of resources.