March 22, 2023
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Editorial: Berated bikers

Student bikers at Ithaca College are left in the dust as the City of Ithaca fails to provide safe bike routes that would ease travel to and from campus

Much to the excitement of local bikers, the City of Ithaca has proposed a Bicycle Boulevard Plan, which will create a route that allows riders to safely navigate the city.

However, student bikers still lack safe routes from Ithaca College to The Commons. This is unfortunate, considering Bomber Bikes, a student organization advocating for sustainable transportation by improving bike infrastructure, is creating a new bike shelter and a pilot bike-share program. If these plans are to be fully realized, the city must create more bike lanes leading to and from campus.

As of now, no bike lanes lead directly from campus to The Commons. There is a partial bike lane along one side of Hudson Street that begins at Hillview Place and ends at Hudson Place. But this only covers part of the ride to The Commons. If lanes were created on both sides of the road, it would be safer for students who choose to bike.

To ensure the safety of students travelling to and from campus, the City of Ithaca should create bike lanes on both sides of Coddington Road and Hudson Street. The lanes should begin at the college’s entrance near the Garden Apartments and end at The Commons.

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