January 29, 2023
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Editorial: Carl Sgrecci’s legacy at Ithaca College

After 46 years at Ithaca College, Carl Sgrecci will retire. Sgrecci first enrolled as a transfer student, then became a member of the faculty and then worked his way into the administration. Throughout his lengthy tenure at the college, Sgrecci has been fundamental to the college’s success, and he has been a staple of the campus community for nearly half a century.

As vice president for finance and administration, Sgrecci was known as a “chief financial officer with a heart.” Because of his deep connection to the students, faculty and campus, he was able to make financial decisions based on both his expertise in accounting and his love for the college. In looking to find Sgrecci’s successor, the college must search for someone who, like Sgrecci, understands the campus’ values and traditions and will look for the meaning behind the numbers when attempting to bring the college’s budget into balance.

Despite continuous concern about rising tuition costs, the college cannot afford to hire a vice president of finance and administration who will be solely focused on the numbers. Though it would be nearly impossible to find a candidate with the type of deep connection to Ithaca College Sgrecci had, the new administrator must be able to understand the consequences of financial decisions on all members of the campus community and give those consequences weight when deciding how to move the college forward financially.


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