December 2, 2022
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Editorial: Culture gap

As Ithaca College plans for the future, it may want to reconsider drafting blueprints for centers around the world before cultivating a globalized consciousness right here on campus.

It could start by addressing the demands of students and faculty for an Asian-American Studies minor. With this academic programming, the college would help bridge the cultural experiences of Asians in both the U.S. and overseas.

Offering this cultural education would be the most beneficial means for the college to help strengthen U.S.-China relations.

Once the college feels confident in its development of cultural awareness, it can then focus its attention on opening a satellite campus in China.

As the economy becomes more globalized, the China Center will better prepare students for entering an increasingly competitive future. Those who have gained an international perspective both on and off campus will be more marketable for employers, especially those focused on international affairs.

While opening a center in China would be beneficial for the college, it must not let global competition blind it from education at home. Without ethnic programming, the college risks prioritizing geographic expansion over cultural awareness.

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