November 29, 2022
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Editorial: Girl power

American health coverage is a controversial topic lately as the Supreme Court prepares to rule in June on the Affordable Care Act.

If passed, the act may change the way society views female sexuality by completely normalizing birth control use and make its use an accepted standard.

When “the pill” first arrived to consumer culture in the 1960s, it gave women a tool to have some form of control over their reproductive rights. Since then, popular culture has unfortunately cast female sexuality in a negative light. Women receive many media messages, and the frequent characters they see in many media forms are either the “slut” or the “prude.” There’s not much in between, and there still exists the stigma that a woman cannot simply enjoy sex for the sake of sex. Women face this stigma each time they pay out of pocket for their birth control prescription.

Imagine if contraception, including condoms, was covered under health insurance like other medications. A step like that may work toward pop culture stomping out negative female sexuality stigmas.

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