December 2, 2022
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Editorial: Power strut

Next Saturday, activists will lead a march against rape and victim blaming. “SlutWalk” will serve as a reminder that sexual assault is an act of violence that affects all people regardless of their appearance, demeanor, race or gender.

This movement not only empowers women to stand up for themselves, but also to confront the violent act of rape and rid individuals of the guilt they often feel after being violated.

As an “act of political solidarity,” the movement aims to restore female dignity that has been stripped away by the term “slut.”

Today, the inherently misogynistic phrase has created a socially constructed idea that women who dress promiscuously are “asking” to be sexually assaulted. Rather than blaming the attacked, society should critique its culture that teaches how to prevent sexual violence. We should address that these abuses are not only illegal, but also immoral.

Though the term “slut” will never go away, feminists are using it to take back their ideals. By changing the word’s meaning, it calls on society to recognize that no one manner of dress begs for sexual advances. It also forces people to recognize that women demand respect for their bodies, minds and spirits.

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