January 30, 2023
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Editorial: Reckless

Last week, students in the Natural Resources and Ecology: Farming the Forest class found their maple syrup production tools destroyed. The damage, which cost more than $300, resulted in loss of students’ time and called into question student morals.

Vandalism isn’t new at Ithaca College. From destroyed pianos in the Whalen Center for Music and garbage can arson outside dorms to last semester’s ruined Textor portrait, the campus has seen its fair share of physical damage over the past few years. These acts show a disregard for respecting those who spend time and money to make equipment available for student learning.

Vandals need to recognize that their actions have enormous financial consequences and are disappointing to tuition-paying students who rely on pianos or tree tap hooks, for example, as critical components of their individualized education.

If the campus community witnesses an act of vandalism, they should report what they saw to Public Safety or online through EthicsPoint, the college’s anonymous hotline. Any tips that would assist campus police in identifying vandalism suspects would help to hold them accountable for their reckless behavior.

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