May 31, 2023
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Editorial: Setting the record straight

The Ithacan’s editorial last week put fault on President Rochon for saying IC 20/20 would not affect current students. The editorial was based on incomplete reporting from the Feb 15. article “SGA presses Rochon about IC 20/20 plan.”

The article failed to provide the full context of the quote. Before Rochon said, “Some of you might be touched by parts of IC 20/20, but for the most part, you won’t be,” he told students the college “will always be important to you and will always reflect on the value of your degree.” The Ithacan apologizes for the misinterpretation in the editorial, which insinuated that Rochon felt the IC 20/20 plan would not affect students after they graduate from the college.

This mistake, coupled with recent caption errors and instances of faulty reporting, only encourages the staff and editors of The Ithacan to refocus our efforts to ensure future reporting is completely accurate.

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