February 3, 2023
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Editorial: Teacher’s peeve

New York state began rapidly implementing edTPA, a set of evaluative requirements education majors must meet to be certified to teach in the state, in September 2013. The new policy aims to enhance the state’s teaching workforce to raise New York’s already impressive 10th place standing in United States education quality.

However, the quick implementation of edTPA will force graduating college seniors to assemble a portfolio by May 2014 in order to determine teaching certification eligibility. The portfolio materials are new to students, and professors have only two months to advise students on portfolio preparation.

All education students must fulfill one semester of student teaching. The edTPA assessments, like written student feedback, must be completed during the same semester. Adding state assessments so rapidly means graduating student-teachers must fill their remaining student-teaching time with these assessments. This takes time away from strengthening their own skills.

A slow rollout over the next few years would give future students time to compile a quality portfolio that demonstrates their best teaching efforts and give professors more time to adapt their curricula to incorporate the state requirements.