April 1, 2023
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Editorial: The greatest wall

Though the college is making a smart move by discussing a potential center in Shanghai, it must overcome limited course offerings related to China

Ithaca College President Tom Rochon confirmed a commitment to discuss the proposed China center at Shanghai Normal University.

This will be the first center, besides the London Center, that the college will establish in another country. Students are drawn to the London Center because it’s directly associated with the college, allowing them to forego the stress of petitioning for credits to transfer back to the college or taking a leave of absence to study abroad.

Though students will take classes alongside Shanghai Normal students, the college needs to ensure that it offers class options in Ithaca that prepare them for a semester in China. As of now, five Mandarin Chinese courses are offered, yet there are no options for learning Shanghainese, the local Shanghai language. Students are also limited by the number of historical and cultural courses they can take at the college, as the college is only offering three non-language courses related in China.

In order for students to have the most immersive experience with Shanghai center, the college must provide adequate options for students to broaden their knowledge of Chinese culture before they travel.

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