December 8, 2022
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Friend request

These days, everyone and their mom is on Facebook. The social network website that was initially designed solely for college students allows us to keep in touch with friends, families and now professors and future employers.

Twenty years ago, before the Internet and social networking websites, college students were able to party and not have to worry about pictures ending up in the hands of their professors or employers. But now, a quick glance at our Facebook pages by employers could cost us an internship, scholarship or job.

While Facebook can allow students to search for job postings and see what companies are hiring, it also has its disadvantages. Many companies search for applicants online before hiring them — including looking for their Facebook page. Students need to be aware of what they post on Facebook. Party pictures and inappropriate posts should not be seen by anyone other than friends at best. Students should also hesitate before adding a professor on Facebook — letting a professor know what your alcoholic beverage of choice is may be a bit unprofessional. Friending a professor crosses the line and can lead to an unethical relationship in the classroom.

Social networking has given us many opportunities. We can meet new people with just the click of a mouse. Staying in touch with friends around the world has never been easier. But social networking can also leave us with regrets.

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