December 10, 2022
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Indie Ithaca

Even though local and traditional journalism outlets have been shrinking recently, the Ithaca community is still receiving coverage — thanks to local independent media outlets.
In the past few years, the economy and changes in the media have led to the consolidation of older media like The Ithaca Journal. The Gannett-owned newspaper has faced layoffs, a declining circulation and a drop in advertisement revenue. While mainstream media in Ithaca declines — and journalists lose their jobs — independent media outlets are able to provide local coverage.
Even though independent media outlets do not have the resources or revenue to pay writers much, the local journalists cover meetings and events because they’re passionate about the community. While more newspapers in the country fold — especially small city newspapers — people interested in writing and their communities step forward. Journalists that have been laid off in traditional media outlets should look at broadening their work through independent media. The outlets in Ithaca also provide journalists with the opportunity to work at a place where there is no corporate presence, so often they have more freedom.
Journalism will change, but it won’t die. The small-town newspaper may vanish, but the need for local coverage will always be there.

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