March 27, 2023
Ithaca, NY | 36°F


Joint effort

Besides connecting science fiction and women’s studies, last week’s “Pippi to Ripley” conference brought together professors and students.

The one-day interdisciplinary conference examined everything from females in fairy tales to young adults in video games. The conference included about 100 presentations, including 13 students from the college. The event was coordinated by three Ithaca College students and Katherine Kittredge, professor of English and women’s studies.

The conference was a successful interdisciplinary education tool. By focusing on science fiction and women’s studies, it allowed for different time periods and forms of literature to be analyzed. Presenters from different institutions were invited, giving the college’s students and faculty different perspectives. Saturday’s event was also a way for faculty and students to collaborate on a project that was educational and enjoyable.

To create different learning tools, more professors are encouraged to organize conferences like “Pippi to Ripley.” Interdisciplinary conferences bridge different departments and bring students together.

And in doing so, conferences will create more perspectives and give students an interdisciplinary education on subjects they are interested in.

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