November 26, 2022
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Learning links

The Ithaca College Integrative Curriculum (IC2)will be linking students and curriculums across campus this year, acting as the initiative it was intended to be when it was first announced.
(IC2) was a result of President Tom Rochon’s strategic vision in Spring 2009. The program was designed to link the five different schools at the college.
(IC2) was not mentioned at this year’s all-college meeting, but associate provost Bashar Hanna said the project is still a part of Rochon’s future for the college. This year, there are 10 projects, collectively known as “(IC2) Round Two.”
Learning should go beyond one discipline. With new programs like a peer-mentoring program and climate action research team, the college is off to the right start in facilitating integrated learning.
The college is encouraged to continue developing programs that will allow more campus-wide learning. The idea behind (IC2) works well as long as faculty, staff, administrators and students continue to give feedback and insight. The college should also strive to make the courses more well-known. By allowing for more campus-wide discussion and more publicity, (IC2) can further expand integrative curriculum initiatives.

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