December 9, 2022
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Letter to the Editor: Alumnus voices support for POC at IC

I wanted to issue my support and admiration for the POC at IC students’ recent actions. While my time at IC was invaluable and cherished, there was an obvious problem around race that was never addressed by the central college leadership. It is fantastic to see that students are making their voices heard and that the college is listening. In a country where so many people can be pacified with lip service it is a great inspiration to see our students not settling for anything less than material action. I do hope Ithaca College is fostering these brave, strong voices, as this focus, strength, and demand for real change and restructuring is what is desperately needed in our institutions across the country be they academic, governmental, corporate, non-profit, or activist.

Thank You,
Jesse Zook Mann
Emmy Award winning documentary film and television producer
Park ’02