December 5, 2022
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Letter to the Editor: Freshmen should not be afraid to seek help

To the Editor:

On Sunday the 21st I was part of the move-in crew helping students get their stuff up the elevators into the West Tower – shout out to Griff and Abigail who were also there helping! I was on a later shift and missed the rain that came down.

Sunday evening I was thumbing through my copy of the day’s New York Times and came across an opinion piece I would urge all of our new students to look at. It’s by a professor of higher ed and focuses on how first-year students can become paralyzed by a “Fear of Failure.” I recommend the piece heartily.

I work in the Admission Office here at IC. I’ve never admitted anybody because I’m, basically, a nose counter. However, I’ve watched my colleagues carefully considering student applications for a quarter of a century now. They do not admit applicants who can’t make it here. If you run into trouble: look for help! It’s all around you. All you need to do is ask.

We want to see all of the 1,650-some students who arrived on campus become Ithaca College graduates.

By the way: I, myself, moved into the West Tower as a first-year student 50 years ago this fall. I’ve been where you are now.

Our library will have a copy of The New York Times from August 21, 2016. See the final page of the Sunday Review section.


Jim Mica
Research Specialist
Office of Admission
120 Peggy Ryan Williams Center