June 6, 2023
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Letter to the Editor: ICLA program director responds to commentary

Dear Ithacan editors: 

In a recent commentary about the Ithaca College Los Angeles Program, Keenan Griebel accuses ICLA of “misleading advertising,” claiming that ICLA is not inclusive for all Roy H. Park School of Communications majors.   

While we do not offer courses in every Park major because of the size of our program, we do offer Park courses that fulfill ICC requirements and, for some majors, can substitute for degree requirements. We also encourage students unable to enroll in a film, television or writing course on the home campus to take a course outside of their major in LA. 

Ms. Griebel’s assessment of our internship offerings is inaccurate. The listings in our database, which all students can access via our website, are NOT the only internships available to Ithaca College students. We direct students to a list of websites that publish updated internship listings and our office sends out updated listings prior to our students’ arrival in LA. Production opportunities in LA are actually limited, so the majority of our current students are doing non-production internships in such areas as film and TV development, public relations, post-production, marketing, social media, etc.     

Before writing a commentary for The Ithacan, I highly encourage anyone interested in ICLA and who has questions, comments or concerns about our program to contact me directly by email (stropiano@ithaca.edu) or phone (323-851-6199).  

Stephen Tropiano 

ICLA Program Director