January 30, 2023
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Letter to the Editor: Office of Residential Life responds to concerns about housing policy

I am writing in response to the editorial published last week highlighting some changes Residential Life is proposing for the housing process for spring 2013.  I recently attended meetings of the Residence Hall Association and the Student Government Association where I shared the proposed changes and requested student input to create a process that supports the expansion of the First-year Residential Experience Program, and meets the needs of returning students. It was clear that returning students were particularly concerned about the elimination of block housing. Based upon this feedback, Residential Life has identified an alternative way to add block housing back into the housing selection process.

Residential Life will continue to work with RHA and SGA to discuss ways to address the concerns raised regarding the future of Residential Learning Communities. In the meantime, I would like to address a couple misperceptions about the impact of these changes on sophomores. While the changes to the selection process will affect the timeline for sophomore selection, we do not anticipate that it will impact the options available. Currently juniors and seniors do not fill all spaces in the apartments or single rooms. We have no reason to believe this will be different in the future, and anticipate there will be opportunities for sophomores to live in singles and apartments.

We look forward to continuing to work with RHA, SGA and other student input as we try to develop the best selection process.

Bonnie Solt Prunty, Director of Residential Life at Ithaca College

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