February 3, 2023
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Letter to the Editor: Professor criticizes Board of Trustees

I am upset to know that, after last semester’s resounding votes of no- confidence by faculty and students against president Tom Rochon, the Board of Trustees is willing to keep him at the helm of the college for another year and a half. Meanwhile, it is warning those who “choose to promote actions aimed at hurting the well-being of the college” during this time (January 14). I assume they mean those who dare to confront him any more, ignoring that he is the one who has done the most harm to the college.

Instead of scolding the very people on whom Rochon and the Board will be relying to keep the college functioning, the Board might want to rethink its tone and scope of authority. Some of its members seem to feel that the love they have for IC after having been undergraduates here allows them to determine what is best for it. Well, then, where does this leave current students, other alumni, and the faculty and staff who have spent decades of our lives at Ithaca College?  

Asma Barlas
Professor, Department of Politics