January 30, 2023
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Letter to the editor: Student responds to coverage of Intersectionali-Tea Time

There’s a way in which images can combine with our assumptions to construct a narrative and reinforce those assumptions. With last week’s article on Intersectionali-Tea Time, my image, blown up with the content, could be combined to construct a narrative that I am the face of this amazing student initiative. That is not the case.

I want to stress that this was not any intention on the part of the writers, photographers, or editors of The Ithacan. However, I am writing this to serve as a reminder that, within the article, there are many members of this movement; student leaders that were not included in the image are those whose leadership I was following.

I am incredibly thankful and grateful for the many contributions of those who are a part of Intersectionali-Tea Time, and I wanted to make sure that their leadership and investments were not devalued through the image.

Cedrick-Michael Simmons is a junior sociology major. Email him at csimmon1@ithaca.edu.