January 31, 2023
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Letter to the Editor: Transition team supports Collado

As members of the Presidential Transition Team, we have worked closely with President Collado before her arrival on campus and since she took office in July. We unequivocally express our support for her during this challenging period.

We have come to know President Collado as a strong, capable, inclusive and inspiring leader of our community. Throughout her tenure here, and in particular in this moment, she has demonstrated honesty, integrity and courage as she has shared stories of her successes and her sufferings. We feel fortunate to be working with someone who embodies such professional and personal authenticity.

We now move forward, with full confidence in her ability to successfully lead Ithaca College, and with full confidence in the Ithaca College community to share in these values of integrity, responsibility and compassion in a difficult time.

Ezeka Allen

Barbara Belyea

Tim Carey

Matthew Clements

Duncan Duke

Nicole Eversley Bradwell

Jason Freitag

Belisa Gonzalez

Joanie Groome

Danette Johnson

Evan Jones

Michele Lenhart

Carlie McClinsey

Jack Powers

Deborah Rifkin

Eric Rosario

Candy Ross

Stan Seltzer

Ronald Trunz