December 10, 2022
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Moving off-campus application process to fall prioritizes students’ needs

The Office of Residential Life at Ithaca College has opened the door to an improved off-campus housing application process.

By approving students for off-campus housing in the fall semester rather than the spring, the college will better serve students who typically must sign rental agreements in the fall. Under this new system, students will be able to know earlier and can look for off-campus housing without worrying if or when they will be approved.

However, Residential Life will not know the number of incoming students for the following year by the fall. The college must estimate the dorm rooms it has to fill without knowing definite numbers for the next incoming class. Ideally, the college should avoid erring on the side caution, and not drastically reduce the number of students allowed off campus.

Under this policy, the college is putting students in a better position to make responsible decisions regarding housing.

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