April 1, 2023
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Open Letter: Faculty present questions on presidential search

Dear Mr. Nolan and members of the Presidential Search Committee:

You indicated in your Intercom post on 6/7/16 that the Presidential search is now “officially live.” As members of the Ithaca College campus community concerned with the current and future health of the college, we remain deeply engaged in all stages of the search for IC’s next president. To that end, we expect you to answer some lingering questions about the details of the process more directly. This includes the following points of clarification:

  • When will the list of finalists be announced to the broader campus community and when will their CVs and other relevant information be made public?
  • What precisely constitutes “an appropriate degree” of interaction between finalists for the position and the campus community?
  • How frequently will the campus community be publicly updated by the search committee once the fall semester begins?
  • Will the committee rank finalists and/or make an official recommendation to the Board of Trustees?
  • Are finalists voted on by the entire Board of Trustees, or by an executive committee? Can we have guarantees that neither the current IC President nor the Provost play any role in determining the finalists, and the next president? As you know, the current president has received resounding votes of no confidence from the campus community, which means that the sooner he is removed from office, the sooner we can begin a healthy and positive transition. We also think it would be contrary to a healthy transition for the Provost to have a decision-making role in this matter.

As you can imagine we are concerned about the generality of the information we are given, and expect the process to be open, especially to input from the broad campus community, a greater degree of opportunity to engage and get to know each candidate, and also to a more substantive decision-making role by faculty, staff, and students than seems to have been envisaged.

We look forward to your prompt response. Thank you.


Derek Adams, Assistant Professor, English

Asma Barlas, Professor, Politics

Mary Bentley, Associate Professor, Health Promotion and Physical Education

Sarah Grunberg, Lecturer, Sociology

Jonathan Laskowitz, Associate Professor, Sociology

Janice Levy, Professor, Media Arts, Sciences and Studies

Patricia Rodriguez, Associate Professor, Politics