November 29, 2022
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Open Letter: Ithaca College Republicans denounce Trump

To our Ithaca College community,

In the wake of several College Republican clubs across the country denouncing Donald Trump, some IC Republicans members have been asked what our stance is on the Republican nominee. To be clear, we encourage all IC Republicans members to exercise their rights to campaign and vote for whomever they please. That being said, as a club, IC Republicans will not support Donald Trump for president.

IC Republicans is a group of young people who value free markets, individual liberty and small government. In plain terms, we want the government to work effectively and that often means limiting it. We don’t support every Republican candidate. Only those who promote a positive, optimistic vision for our country and use conservative solutions to solve problems.

We could write a long list of grievances against Trump but that would be a waste of your time and ours. Instead we will focus this year on promoting conservative policies, advocating for conservative candidates across New York, and fighting for intellectual diversity and freedom of speech on our campus. IC Republicans is just a small part of the conservative movement. But we will do all we can to advance the conservative movement now and long after election day this November.

The IC Republicans Executive Board