November 30, 2022
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Open Letter: SGA addresses campus on student death

Dear Ithaca College Community,

In the early morning of Sunday, August 28th, we lost a member of our community to violence and are awaiting the recovery of another student. As we all deal with our emotions and navigate these hard times, it is important we keep Anthony Nazaire, the young man who lost his life, and the other student injured in our minds and hearts.

Anthony Nazaire was a Sophomore at Ithaca College, a member of the ALANA community, an Executive board member for Brothers4brothers, and a business administration major. He was a mentor to his younger siblings and family members. Anthony Nazaire was a peer we lost to violence.

Violence has no place in our community. As we navigate our way through these difficult times, we must actively love and continue to support one another in whatever ways we can. It is in losses that we are reminded of the true weight of violence and the long-lasting impacts it has on our community and communities everywhere.

In dealing with loss, there is a huge amount of strain and emotion felt not just in individuals but in ripples throughout the community. As a result, CAPS is offering the lounge in the Circles Community Building as a resource for those seeking immediate support. Students in need of support can also contact on-call professional Residential Life staff at 607-220-7993 or 607-220-7928.

We ask that all students at Ithaca College be cognizant of the ongoing investigation and remain respectful of the two students and their family and friends. Those with any related information are asked to call the Ithaca Police Crime Stoppers Hotline at 607-697-0333.

With heavy hearts,

Marieme Foote, Student Body President

Michele Hau, VP of Academic Affairs

Luis Torres, VP of Campus Affairs

Danielle Weinstein, VP of Communications

Ezeka Allen, VP of Business and Finance

Carlie McClinsey, Senate Chair