July 4, 2022
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Editorial: Importance of unionization needs to be recognized

By | Feb 16, 2022

In the age of pestilence, death and sorrow, the most serious danger arises not from the loss of human life but the loss of what makes us human.

Commentary: Ice at IC creates dangerous walking conditions

By | Feb 16, 2022

In addition to below freezing temperatures and the stressful start to a new semester, college students now have a new barrier to face: the ground

Commentary: Account uses art to help heal trauma

By | Feb 16, 2022

Here 4 You was created to be the safe space someone could find on their own scavenge for peace and belonging. It is an Instagram page that discusses

Editorial: Gentrification and its stories must be listened to

By | Feb 10, 2022

Acknowledging that gentrification is wrong does not equate to an understanding of why gentrification is in fact “bad.”

Editorial: NFTs have negative long-term effects

By | Feb 10, 2022

NFTs cause us to be distracted from our current problems which have been glaring at us for far too long. Instead, let’s focus our attention here

Commentary: Integrative studies program lacks resources

By | Feb 10, 2022

The program does not have a budget nor a designated space on campus. It is overseen by one coordinator, rather than an interdisciplinary committee

Commentary: IC’s response to swastikas enables ignorance

By | Feb 10, 2022

marking these symbols as individual acts with “no place at Ithaca College or anywhere” acts only as repression of broader concealed problems

Commentary: IC fails students who experience sexual harassment

By | Feb 3, 2022

While working as an orientation leader, I was sexually harassed by two male student-athletes at Ithaca College.