April 1, 2023
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Peer to peer

In addition to receiving advice from professors and advisers, now underclassmen in the Roy H. Park School of Communications can have an upperclassman mentor.

The program, which will start next fall, will be on a volunteer basis, but students are urged to get involved. Freshmen can ask older students the questions they may feel uncomfortable asking professors, such as those about class or campus life experiences. Upperclassmen can provide the younger students with honest and valuable answers that will guide them in the right direction.

Currently, the School of Business has a mentorship program. In the School of Humanities and Sciences, mentors are based on each department. All the schools and departments are encouraged to implement a mentorship program. It’s an easy way for underclassmen to adjust to college life and for upperclassmen to pass down valuable knowledge. In monthly meetings, the deans and faculty also need to make sure that upperclassmen are fulfilling their duties as a mentor.

In implementing a peer mentorship program in each of the schools, underclassmen will be able to fully experience college life.

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