January 30, 2023
Ithaca, NY | 29°F


Quick recovery

Last week’s campuswide computer problem illustrated the ability of the college’s Information Technology Services to think and act quickly to fix a problem. With students, faculty and staff depending so heavily on computers, it was a relief to know that the college is in capable hands.

The problem affected only PCs, but with more than half the college and almost every classroom using a PC, the problem disrupted many classes. ITS employees were responsive to questions and requests and fixed the problem within a day, proving the high quality of service ITS offers.

ITS’s recent shift of office space could have caused major operational issues, but instead the move was met with hardly any significant bumps. ITS is commended for its smooth transition and for its ability to start working immediately.

In an age where almost nothing can be achieved without the use of computers — whether that be tests, papers or lesson planning — the college can rest assured that if an issue arises, ITS wastes no time in resolving the glitch.

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