March 26, 2023
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SGA supports independent voices

While it should be acknowledged that the celebration of an event such as Israel Independence Day is quite controversial, there are much more pressing concerns when discussing the concept of an on-campus event. It is important to consider both sides of not just an Independence Day celebration, but of any celebration, any event, any thought and any idea. Under no grounds should any institutional body have the right to censor the thoughts of the students who take shelter within its walls. To edit the very nature of events would be to limit the very creativity and freedom, which should be promoted in an educational setting. It is the mission of the Student Government Association, the body which allocates tuition dollars to such events, to foster an atmosphere that promotes learning.

Although it is very true that many events have two sides to them, to forbid such events would be to limit an individual’s freedom of speech. To always require the other side to be represented would be to put stipulations on how an individual lives their life. It is a part of the learning process to realize that these contradictory views exist and then investigate them. That is the very essence of how ideas are formed and beliefs made. It is the SGA that facilitates this process,and keeps the campus alive with a diverse array of thoughts, feelings and the activities to support them.

Brian Keefe ’11

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