March 23, 2023
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The real world

As students approach the end of the school year, summer plans begin to form. The summer is often a time to relax, but it can also be seen as a chance to explore a chosen field through internships, jobs and volunteer work.

Anthropology students gain valuable experience through the extensive fieldwork they participate in throughout the year, inspiring others to do the same. Real-life experiences, like fieldwork, will not only provide students with helpful insight into their careers, but they will also make their résumés more competitive.

Ithaca College faculty members are encouraged to integrate more fieldwork, internship opportunities and hands-on experiences into their curriculum so that students will be able to apply what they learn in the classroom in a practical setting.

The Office of Career Services is one place to begin this search along with online options like and Students can also look to advisers and alumni for more direction.

The college is working to define a new vision rooted in creativity and innovation, which is why faculty, staff and students are urged to combine all resources to develop fieldwork opportunities and pave the way for an ideal career path for each student.

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