January 29, 2023
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The season to give

As the holiday season draws near and the recession continues, families across the nation are facing financial stress.

According to The New York Times, about 15 million Americans are out of jobs, and the unemployment rate remains at 9.6 percent. On a local level, The Salvation Army of Ithaca recently reported an increase of families using the organization. While the organization usually sees about 400 families each holiday season, this year it has already seen 500.

The holidays are an especially hard time for families with children and little income. Many parents face the problem of trying to provide a memorable holiday for their children while not falling into more financial debt.

Ithaca College students are urged to remember and help those in need this holiday. If every student at the college donated $1 to the Salvation Army, the organization would have more than $6,000 to help families. Besides donating money, students can also volunteer their time by serving meals to families at The Salvation Army’s dinner programs.

The most generous holiday gift a student can give this year is thinking of those in need and finding a way to help them out during these tough economic times.

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