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Events honor Earth Day’s anniversary

By | Apr 22, 2010

In honor of the 40th anniversary of Earth Day today, Ithaca College students have been celebrating through weeklong events including speakers and a new opportunity to study social change.

New chain restaurants to open in city of Ithaca

By | Apr 1, 2010

Plans are under way to bring Olive Garden Italian Restaurant and Panera Bread to Ithaca.

‘Repo Men’ script fails to make the cut

By | Apr 1, 2010

“Repo Men” is a film with an identity crisis. It is part hard-core gore extravaganza, part cerebral “the fates have turned” thriller and all confusion, with too many fallacies for the few working elements to shine.

Blue and Gold win first ECAC title

By | Apr 1, 2010

The men’s indoor track team capped off its season with a surprising victory — winning the program’s first Eastern College Athletic Conference championship title.

Fracking policy causes controversy

By | Feb 4, 2010

A New York state Department of Environmental Conservation statement that is currently pending approval could increase regulations for oil and gas companies planning to drill in the Finger Lakes region. The statement, written in September of last year, was created to address growing public concerns about pollution and take steps to ensure drilling sites are…

College liaison works with city

By | Dec 10, 2009

Anthony Hopson is serving as the first assistant vice president of community government relations this year at Ithaca College. President Tom Rochon appointed Hopson to keep communication open among the college, community and the local government. He started last June. Hopson has previously served as an associate dean at the Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and…

Hangar Theatre works to renovate performance building

By | Sep 18, 2009

Water sloshes backstage at the Hangar Theatre as actors’ and crew members’ hurried feet move across the flooded floor. In the lobby, the audience waits to be seated in the shabby seats of the theater. Small puddles accumulate in all corners of the room. Lisa Bushlow, executive director of the Hangar Theatre, said water leakage…

Live and learn

By | Feb 26, 2009

While hundreds of ravenous college students crowd the dining halls during peak dinner hours, students in the Sustainably Conscious Living Community gather to enjoy a freshly cooked, healthy dinner in the comfort of their own residence hall. Students can expect perks such as floorwide dinners twice a month in the sustainable community, one of the…

Ballroom shakes up the standards

By | Sep 25, 2008

A thin man wearing satin-trimmed black pants and hard-soled leather dance shoes calls out over the cha-cha music. “One, two, three, four and one!” His counts and direction keep a room of more than 20 couples moving in unison. “And the New Yorker, two, three, four!” The partners turn away from each other, arms thrust…

Fitness follows a fresh path

By | Aug 28, 2008

With a schedule chock-full of classes, meetings and homework, the last thing a college student needs is a boring workout. Medical studies continue to show that regular exercise helps prevent disease, build muscle and reduce stress. Yet in 2001 an Ohio State University study found that out of 937 representative students, 52 percent were physically…

Students explore Eastern medicine practices through class

By | Nov 15, 2007

For more than three millennia, needles, herbs and teas have been vessels for wellness among the Chinese people. Eastern medical philosophy is based upon the idea of harmony, a balance between the individual and environment: yin and yang. This May, Ithaca College students will have the opportunity to study traditional Eastern medicine in China through…

A right to clean water

By | Oct 5, 2007

Before sunrise, Ethiopian women and their daughters begin the day’s trek for drinkable water. For the past four months, what they’ve found is swimming with bacteria and often contaminated with human waste. This year, torrential downpour has flooded the typically arid region of eastern Africa during its rain season. The floods have affected the country’s…