February 7, 2023
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Men’s basketball ousted by Gothic Knights in ECAC Championship

The men’s basketball team’s season came to an abrupt end March 6 as the Bombers fell to New Jersey City University in an Eastern College Athletic Championship game 87–65.

Sophomore guard Marc Rozynes-Chasin and senior guard Sam Bevan led the team with 19 and 18 points apiece in the championship game loss, while sophomore guard Carroll Rich led the team in assists with four.

The Bombers, coming off their upset victory over the Rutgers-Newark University on March 5,  could not squeeze out a late game comeback to get them over the top like they had their semifinal matchup.

Unlike their previous game against the Raiders, the Bombers kept it close in the first half against New Jersey City. Going back and forth with the Gothic Knights the entire half, each team only managed to get two- to six-point leads. It was big shots from players like Rich that helped maintain the Bombers’ 32–31 lead with 3:11 left before halftime.

But despite big shots from players like Bevan, Chasin and Rich, the Bombers could not hold onto their lead. The South Hill squad was unable to control New Jersey City key players such as freshman forward James Frazier, who had 21 points for the game, and junior guard Jalen Harris, who lead all scorers with 24 points.

The Bombers’ inability to control Frazier and Harris allowed the Gothic Knights to go on a 9–3 run at the end of the half to go up 40–35.

The poor finish to the first half created a negative start to the second half for the Bombers, which allowed the Gothic Knights to deliver the final blow. The Gothic Knights, like they did at the end of the first half, went on another long run, this time a 10–4 run to increase their lead over the Bombers from a five point advantage to 13 point advantage with fewer than 15 minutes to go in the game.

Despite cutting the lead to 11 thanks to back-to-back baskets courtesy of Rozynes-Chasin and Rich with fewer than four minutes to play, Harris and the Gothic Knights would not let the Bombers stage another late game comeback.

With Harris hitting a deep 3-pointer and a quick layup to make it 75–59 with two and a half minutes to go, the Gothic Knights closed any momentum the Bombers may have had.

The Bombers concluded their season with an overall record of 15–13. Rozynes-Chasin led the team this season with 583 total points. Bevan in his final season as a Bomber led the team with 182 total assists.