December 10, 2022
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Men’s Crew: South Hill squad’s varsity 8 boats pull through

The men’s crew faced off against Skidmore College and St. Lawrence University at this past weekend’s regatta. The Bombers won three of the four races on Cayuga Inlet. The races are over a 2,000 meter course and each boat consists of eight rowers.

The South Hill squad won the varsity 8, varsity 4, and the third varsity 8 races.

Sophomore Chris Noble said the success came from the crew remaining focused within its own boats.

“I thought we did really well,” Noble said. “We really lengthened out kept long strokes, we stayed powerful, stayed collected and rowed our own race.”

Senior captain Zach Doell said the Bombers were feeling confident coming into the race regardless of who their opponents were.

“We went into this race knowing that we had a lot of power and speed,” he said. “We knew any boat that came at us today we could beat them and we did that.”

The second varsity 8 boat also did well and defeated Skidmore’s varsity one boat.

Sophomore Paul Casey said he was pleased with his boat’s performance

“We had a great start and a great finish and we pulled it out for a win against Skidmore,” Casey said.