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‘Popcorn Premieres’ – Cannes Film Festival Preview

April 17, 2024
First year student hosts Logan Thompson and Ethan Kaufman share their thoughts on the films premiering at the 2024 Cannes Film Festival and this week's top films at the Box Office.
Lee Smith (Kirsten Dunst) and Jessie (Cailee Spaeny) attempt to reach D.C. before the rebels take over the city in the film Civil War, released April 12.

‘Civil War’ leaves much unexplored and unclear

By Matt Minton, Senior Writer April 17, 2024
In director Alex Garland’s raging, uneasy portrait of the United States’ near future in “Civil War,” the finite details of what issues people are fighting for are intentionally left unclear and unexplored.
Alejandro Martinez (Julio Torres) and Elizabeth Ascencio (Tilda Swinton) team up to showcase a series of paintings with the hope of raising enough money to keep Elizabeth’s husband alive.

Alejandro and Elizabeth face many ‘Problemistas’

By Patrick Mazzella, Staff Writer March 27, 2024

Salvadoran performer Julio Torres came onto the American comedy scene with an act unlike most had seen. His deadpan delivery and quiet-as-a-mouse disposition juxtaposed perfectly with the eccentric subject...

As Jackie (Katy OBrian) and Lou (Kristen Stewart) become infatuated with one another, their dark and messy past catches up to them.

Doping, eroticism and evil, bald man lies bleeding

By Ari Klein, Contributing Writer March 26, 2024
Katy O'Brian has her star turn in a lineup of standout cast members in Rose Glass’ sophomore film “Love Lies Bleeding” which just received its wide release March 15. Not to say that the Kristen Stewart renaissance will not be in full swing after this movie, but it is wonderful to see someone come into their own on screen. In addition to the stellar leads, the film has excellent direction, symbolism and all-around strong performances from the entire cast.

This is: Death Stranding Director’s Cut

By Ray Milburn, Makai Yllanes, Giancarlo Messina, and Uri Ponte February 7, 2024

Hideo Kojima's 2019 Game of the Year nominee launched on the App Store last week. Tune in for a demo of the game on iPad and Mac, and for updates on the future of Death Stranding.

The Höss family and friends enjoy a the pool in the garden, separated from Auschwitz by a tall concrete wall.

‘Zone of Interest’: Atrocities through a new lens

By Matt Minton, Senior Writer February 7, 2024
A woman tries on a fur coat to see if it suits her. A group of friends sit around with coffee, talking about the weather being too hot. Siblings play together in a pool, splashing water while laughing. An officer discusses in detail him taking a plane that got him to his destination 50 minutes early. A family picks flowers together in the forest by the lake. Meanwhile, the sounds of distant screams and gunshots are heard over a wall — the only thing separating the creator from the atrocities committed.
The Sheik (Chavo Guerrero Jr.) and Kevin Von Erich (Zac Efron) face off in the ring in A24s film The Iron Claw.

Intense love and immeasurable loss in ‘The Iron Claw’

By Matt Minton, Senior Writer January 24, 2024
There’s an unshakable feeling set in stone right from the opening black-and-white sequence of director Sean Durkin’s heart-wrenching new drama, “The Iron Claw.” It’s the sense that fate has something peculiar and unnatural in store for the Von Erich family. Something so terrible that it cannot possibly be put into words — until it must be.
A24’s newest film “Dream Scenario,” follows Paul Matthews (Nicolas Cage), a washed-up professor as he becomes the object of everyones dreams.

A24 leaves viewers in their own ‘Dream Scenario’

By Patrick Mazzella, Staff Writer December 6, 2023
A24’s newest film, Kristoffer Borgli’s high-concept comedy “Dream Scenario,” is a timid and toothless commentary on a world where everyone is connected, with a searing study on what global backlash does to a person hidden underneath. The film follows Paul Matthews (played by an unrecognizable Nicolas Cage), a washed-up professor at a less-than-prestigious university. 
Through Priscilla’s eyes, Sofia Coppola tells the unseen side of a great American myth in Elvis and Priscillas long courtship and
turbulent marriage, from a German army base to his dream-world estate at Graceland, in this deeply felt and ravishingly detailed
portrait of love, fantasy, and fame.

‘Priscilla’ is a questionable and confusing film that leaves viewers with more questions than answers

By Mila Ventura-Rodriguez, Staff Writer November 10, 2023
It was like a movie being played in fast-forward. It’s not a story about people. It certainly isn’t a story about Priscilla. It’s just “event, close-up on Priscilla, flashforward, event” and on and on until the credits roll and everyone in the room goes “What, really? That’s it?” 
Harris (Nathan Lane) and Evelyn (Megan Mullally) devise a plan to bring their family back together in A24s first movie musical.

A24’s first movie musical is chaotic and jarring in a “camp” way

By Molly Fitzsimons, Co-Life and Culture Editor October 26, 2023
For as long as movies have existed, they have been a source of comfort and an escape from reality. If you are looking for a beautiful storyline, with heartfelt content and a sensible yet relatable cast, do not watch “Dicks: The Musical.” If you are looking for movies that leave the viewer with a sense of understanding and feeling improved as a person after watching, do not watch “Dicks: The Musical.” 
Beau (Joaquin Phoenix) recalls an early memory of him as a child in acclaimed director Ari Asters drama Beau is Afraid.

Review: Ari Aster’s new film bares mommy issues

By Matt Minton, Co Life and Culture Editor May 2, 2023
“Beau is Afraid” is going to lose him some fans, but the kind of filmmaker that’s willing to take those kinds of risks should be celebrated.
From left, Sophie (Frankie Corio) and her single father, Calum (Paul Mescal), take a holiday trip to Turkey in Aftersun.

Review: Charlotte Wells’ debut film portrays grief

By Giancarlo Messina, Staff Writer November 23, 2022
With just her first feature-length film, Charlotte Wells tells a beautiful and haunting story that portrays grief in an open and human way.
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