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Interim Registrar Danette Johnson replaced former registrar Brian Scholten March 16. Johnson said more students at Ithaca College are brining credit from high school and most of these students end up spending the full four years in college rather than graduating early.

Number of students bringing in credit to Ithaca College increases

By Rachel Langlitz, Contributing Writer March 28, 2016
The number of Ithaca College students entering college with transfer credits from high school is increasing. With these credits, some students have the ability to graduate early, but many still choose to utilize their four years.

No one’s account of an instance of racism should be ignored

By Frances Johnson, Columnist November 19, 2015
It’s a kind of discomfort that no one will believe when you say you’ve experienced racism.
Editorial: AP coursework gets no credit

Editorial: AP coursework gets no credit

March 26, 2014

Beginning with the Class of 2017, Ithaca College is limiting application of Advanced Placement credits toward courses for the Integrative Core Curriculum. These changes align with the goals of IC 20/20...

Carol Henderson associate provost for accreditation, assessment and  curriculum, said AP credits wont be accepted for some ICC requirements.

Students can’t apply AP credits to ICC courses

By Taylor Zambrano March 19, 2014
Ithaca College does not accept AP credits for the Themes and Perspectives or Integrative Core Curriculum Capstone components of the ICC, which was implemented for the 2013–14 academic year.
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