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Weezer reached meme status when the group released a cover of Africa by Toto after a fan on Twitter requested it. Now, they have a whole album of covers. While most covers are strong, some fall short.

Review: Weezer’s Teal Album keeps the covers coming

By Hannah Fitzpatrick February 8, 2019

In December 2017, Twitter user @weezerafrica posted a tweet tagging Rivers Cuomo, the lead singer of Grammy Award–winning rock band Weezer, with a simple request: “it’s about time you bless the rains...

Khangelani Mhlanga, a student from Zimbabwe, playing the mbira.

International students create home away from home

By Maia Noah February 6, 2019

Arriving on campus in August after leaving her home in the bustling city of Mumbai, India, freshman Shreya Kadam walked around Ithaca College, feeling uneasy and wondering how to find her place and build...

Senior and club co-president Emily Brumfield balances on a hanging trapeze durng her act at ICircus’s Planet Earth showcase. To match the showcase’s Planet Earth theme, the title of each act included an animal or element of nature.

ICircus soars in jungle-themed end-of-the-year showcase

By Kara Bowen, Assistant Life & Culture Editor May 2, 2018
Each act had a theme that related to nature, with most performers adopting an animal persona that connected to their props.
David Turkon, associate professor and chair of the anthropology department, first flew to South Africa in 1987.

Ithaca College anthropology professor researches in Africa

By Taylor Zambrano, Staff Writer February 18, 2015
"It was mysterious and dark, the heart of darkness,” David Turkon, associate professor and chair of the anthropology department, said. “I didn’t know what I was going into, but I knew I was going to a place called Africa.”

College and City: Feb. 6

February 5, 2014

Tompkins Library to host presentation on Mandela The Tompkins County Public Library, in partnership with Cornell University’s Africana Studies and Research Center, the John H. Clarke Africana Library...

Video: The Music of Africa

Video: The Music of Africa

By Jaclyn Cataldi, Multimedia Editor October 29, 2013
Ithaca College's African Drumming and Dance Ensemble shares the music and culture of West Africa in Ford Hall.
Students gathered on Sept. 29 for a candlelight vigil honoring the victims of the Westgate mall shooting.

Students pay tribute to Westgate victims

By Jack Curran, Online News Editor October 2, 2013
The Ithaca College African Students Association held a candlelight vigil on Sept. 29 in honor of the victims of the Westgate Mall shooting.
M.K. Asante, Jr., a best-selling author and award-winning filmmaker, discussed eliminating stereotypes that surround African culture Monday in Textor Hall. The event was part of Africa Week.

Africa Week seeks to break social stereotypes

By Michael Tkaczevski, Staff Writer April 4, 2013
The first Africa Week: Back to the Roots event, hosted by the African Students Association, is celebrating African culture with events to break the stereotypes of Africa that inundate American media.

District 6 Museum

By Michelle Boulé, Blogger March 23, 2012
District 6 was a pre-apartheid area in Cape Town. It was an area where people were forcibly removed from their homes and resettled into townships based on race. District 6 is different from many of the other districts, because it was a place where whites, blacks, indians, malaysians, and khoesan lived together peacefully, therefore going…


By Michelle Boulé, Blogger March 9, 2012
I always have a sense of foreboding when I enter hospitals. Knowing that there are a plethora of needles inside and many who are sick unnerves me. For obvious reasons I only go to the doctor’s when it is absolutely necessary. The township hospital gave me that same sense of foreboding except when you entered…


By Michelle Boulé, Blogger March 5, 2012
“We need more paper,” Sango said as he was balling up wads of old newspapers around some small rocks. “Here, HERE! I have some,” yelled Sipho. Making a soccer ball takes a lot of work. Finding the old newspapers and rocks were easy, the ground outside was littered with both. Compacting the paper around the…

Township Series: Part Three

By Michelle Boulé, Blogger March 2, 2012
I have pointed out many of the differences between townships and the United States but there are still similarities. The children sing songs by Nicki Minaj or Drake and if you get the antenna just right, a fairly clear picture on the TV emerges and an American sitcom comes on. Mama Nosintho acted like my…
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