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Review: Monkeys swing with new styles

By | Sep 25, 2013

The Arctic Monkeys return with a slightly more experimental sound.

Review: Modern band brings back ’80s sound

By | Sep 25, 2013

Modern soul and alt-rock band The 1975 deliver an impressive debut album.

Review: Ferdinand fails to deliver “Right Words”

By | Sep 10, 2013

Franz Ferdinand’s released its fourth studio album, “Right Thoughts, Right Words, Right Action.”

Review: Hardcore group finds footing

By | Sep 6, 2013

Heavy-metal band Avenged Sevenfold returns with a familiar sound.

Review: ‘Doris’ reveals rapper’s depth

By | Sep 5, 2013

Former Odd Future hip-hop collective member Earl Sweatshirt returns from long absence with deep album.

Review: ‘Idol’ country-rock album mimics past winner’s sound

By | Sep 5, 2013

Season nine “American Idol” winner Lee DeWyze makes attempt at greatness with “Frames.”

Review: Yeah Yeah Yeahs offer quirky yet flawed album

By | Apr 24, 2013

Indie band Yeah Yeah Yeahs return with bizarre punk album, “Mosquito.”

Review: Owl City slumps with fourth album

By | Aug 29, 2012

  Back with more electronics than a Skrillex single and more artificial sunshine than a fluorescent lightbulb, Owl City’s “The Midsummer Station” condenses a season of sunlight into one lackluster album. Adam Young, the founder and frontman of the one-man band, released his second album, “Ocean Eyes,” which launched him into the high-spirited pop world…

Top Nashville sweethearts sing two sides of romance

By | Sep 21, 2011

After dominating this year’s Grammys, Lady Antebellum is back with its third studio album, “Own the Night,” that stays close to the modern country sound that earned the band its fame.

Unusual calm from Beirut

By | Sep 21, 2011

While a band named after the capital city of Lebanon might inspire thoughts of turmoil in the Middle East, Beirut’s new album, “The Rip Tide,” is an indie rock release with a complex but serene sound.