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Senior Natalie Tribiano discusses her hardships with eating disorders and says that little  comments about eating habits can leave marks on people’s physical and mental health.

Commentary: Small remarks impact eating disorders

By Natalie Tribiano April 11, 2023
What turns into one skipped meal here and there, leads to a couple of skipped meals a few times a week.
Alcohols effects on the brain

Alcohol’s effects on the brain

By Miranda Ella, Staff Writer February 12, 2019
No matter what your tolerance may be, long-term alcohol abuse can impact anyone.
Deja View: It and the numerous works of Stephen King

Deja View: ‘It’ and the numerous works of Stephen King

By Kendyl Bennett, Podcast Editor September 12, 2017

In this week’s episode of Deja View, Reviews Editor Jake Leary sits down with Staff Writer Colin Tessier to discuss his review of “It.” Then, Jake and Colin discuss the life and work of Stephen...

New additions to Ithaca College’s “Residential Life Rules and Regulations” prohibit the possession of alcohol containers for students under the legal drinking age of 21.

IC Residential Life approves increased alcohol restrictions

By Justin Henry, Staff Writer August 31, 2016
Ithaca College administrators approved additions to the college’s “Residential Life Rules and Regulations” that prohibit the presence of empty alcohol containers and other alcohol paraphernalia, and are now in effect for the 2016–17 academic year.
Students board an outbound Route 11 TCAT bus at the Seneca Street Station the night of Feb. 6. Nancy Oltz, TCAT operations manager, said the company often brings on additional buses at peak times on Friday and Saturday nights to accomodate large amounts of student riders.

Ithaca College students max out TCAT buses on weekend nights

By Michael Pyskaty, Staff Writer February 11, 2016
The bus pulls forward, and then the driver hits the brakes. The mass of students lurches forward. One man loses his balance and stumbles toward the driver. A woman repeatedly says “I’m not drunk! I’m just tired,” and then promptly tries to fall asleep standing up...
Ithaca College students report using more drugs and alcohol, feeling more stressed and having more sex that the national average.

Ithaca College students drink and smoke more than average

By Maura Aleardi, Staff Writer November 19, 2015
Ithaca College students use marijuana, drink alcohol, feel stressed and have sex more than the national average, according to survey results from the National College Health Assessment survey.

Avoiding the ‘Freshman 15’ in 2015

By Kylee Roberts, Blogger September 23, 2015
Every post that I make will follow the journey in trying to stay as fit as possible through a time that is difficult for most. Stay strong freshmen: We’re going to make it through.
Sophomore Ryan Maloney, a bouncer at Moonies, checks an ID Oct. 30.

Students find way around the law with fake IDs

By Evin Billington, Life & Culture Editor November 5, 2014
Despite security in place to eliminate fake ID use at local bars and nightclubs, some underage students still slip through the cracks.
Bartender Manny carefully crafts a cocktail while behind the bar at Mercato Bar and Kitchen on North Aurora St.

A college student walks into a bar

By Nik DeCosta-Klipa, Staff Writer June 4, 2014
Nik DeCosta-Klipa explores the world of craft cocktails hidden in the heart of Ithaca.

Video: News about brews

By Shawn Steiner May 2, 2013
Junior Isaac Ford walks The Ithacan through brewing beer at his home in Ithaca, NY.

Video: Snap Judgement – Would you drink craft beer over mainstream beer?

By Kevin DatesShawn Steiner April 11, 2013
Students around campus share their preferences for craft and mainstream beer.

Video: The Making of Ice Wine

By Kelly Wakelee March 28, 2013
Managers and makers of ice wine share the secrets of their vineyard, and talk about preparing for the busiest wine season: graduation.
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