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WATCH: Ithacas 35th annual Apple Harvest Festival

WATCH: Ithaca’s 35th annual Apple Harvest Festival

By Ithacan Staff October 2, 2017
Ithaca celebrates it's 35th annual Applefest. The downtown event is a celebration of local food, art and all things apple.
Ithaca College students said using cellphones is a part of a set bedtime routine. All 20 students interviewed said they were on their phones before bed for times ranging from 15 minutes to over an hour, affecting the quantity and quality of their sleep.

Recent studies link cellphone use to sleep problems in students

By Annie Estes, Contributing Writer March 30, 2016
Students at Ithaca College and nationwide say they face problems falling asleep and getting enough sleep. Coupled with recent studies on the issue, researchers are saying this could be due to the use of cellphones before bed, and companies like Apple are trying to find ways to change this.
Commentary: Apples iOS 8 has new features worth using

Commentary: Apple’s iOS 8 has new features worth using

By Evan Sobkowicz October 6, 2014
Apple’s new operating system for iPhones and iPads, iOS 8, is apparently the “biggest iOS release ever.”

Ed Tech Day to highlight innovation

By Sabrina Knight, News Editor March 19, 2014
Educational Technology Day 2014 will provide a display of vendors from a wide range of technology-based subjects, and will feature companies and presentations with advancements in 3-D technology.
Students use iPads Feb. 4 in the Museum Practices and Methods course to learn how to make condition reports on artwork in the Handwerker Gallery.

Pilot iPad Program expands into spring semester

By Leah Rostohar, Contributing Writer February 5, 2014
Five Ithaca College faculty members have received 20 iPads for their spring semester courses as part of the Faculty iPad Pilot Program.

Video: Poor apple season in upstate New York

By Michelle Boulé September 22, 2012
The extreme temperatures this year have taken a toll on apple production in New York.

Campus reacts to death of Apple CEO Steve Jobs

By Gerald Doherty, Staff Writer October 7, 2011
From the time he released the original line of Macintosh computers to the latest MacBook Pros, the late Steve Jobs had an indelible impact on Ithaca College.

Back to Basics

By Lara Bonner September 29, 2011
I have an addiction to my MacBook. I love it with all my heart, having decorated it with a lovely protective case and a Harry Potter bumper sticker, and sometimes I even feel bad for leaving fingerprints all over the screen and Poptart crumbs in the keys (that's an exaggeration... sort of). I take it…
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