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‘Popcorn Premieres’ – The 2024 Oscar Awards and Box Office

March 20, 2024
First year student hosts Logan Thompson and Ethan Kaufman break down the winners of the 96th Academy Awards ceremony

Ithacan Pre-Oscars Breakdown with Matt Minton

Senior Matt Minton breaks down their picks for the 96th Academy Awards. Learn the stories surrounding the likely winners before the Oscars premiere on Sunday, March 10th.

‘Pop Off!’ – Best Picture Nominees

February 14, 2024
Host first year student Ethan Kaufman brings on first year student Riley Freedman as his guest to rank the 2024 Oscar nominees for Best Picture.

‘Popcorn Premieres’ – Box Office and Awards

January 31, 2024
First year student host Logan Thompson is joined by his new co-host, first year student Ethan Kaufman. The pair go through the different award ceremonies honoring the films that have premiered in the past year, sharing their thoughts on those who were nominated and those who were snubbed.
Popcorn Premieres - Bottoms (2023) and Passages (2023)

‘Popcorn Premieres’ – “Bottoms” (2023) and “Passages” (2023)

September 14, 2023
Join host first-year student Logan Thompson with guest Caleb Cackowski in the premiere of The Ithacan's newest movie review podcast to discuss "Bottoms," "Passages" and the summer box office.
Ken (Ryan Gosling) tags along with Barbie (Margot Robbie) on her journey to the human world.

Review: “Barbie” proves pink is the new black

By Molly Fitzsimons, Co-Life and Culture Editor August 17, 2023
Beautiful, brilliant, Barbie. The highly anticipated “Barbie” movie from Greta Gerwig was one that has been on my Letterboxd watch list since the first trailer was released Dec. 16, and in no way did it disappoint. Between the set design and costumes — accurate to the dolls and playhouses created by Mattel — not only was “Barbie” easy on the eyes, but pulled at every heartstring possible. 

Progress and Regress 3

By Jared Wolf February 23, 2014

The third installment of this weekly feature runs down the best and worst in this week's pop culture news, including Looking, a "living doll," and House of Cards. Progress: HBO's Looking (yes, four...

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