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It has been a great ride

By Nathan Bickell, Columnist May 1, 2013
I went back and forth last spring deciding whether to apply for the position of sports columnist for The Ithacan. Writing for each week’s issue was something I had not taken on before, and I decided to go for it. I could not be happier. Looking back over the past four years, taking myself out…

Between The Lines: The most over-hyped non-sporting sport event

By Nathan Bickell, Columnist April 24, 2013
Thursday brings the beginning of the most over-hyped and delusional self-important sporting event of the year, the NFL draft. Don’t get me wrong, I fully realize the importance of the draft to the long-term success of a franchise. This is true for every major sport. However, the problem is that when you sit down to…

Between the Lines: Providing salaries for Division I players would only hurt programs

By Nathan Bickell, Columnist April 10, 2013
Every year, around the time of the Final Four, there are grumblings about college athletes — particularly football and men’s basketball players. These grumblings usually involve the question of should these athletes be paid? What these critics fail to realize is that college sports, Division I athletics in particular, are much bigger than the few…

Between the Lines: Keep an eye on the American League East

By Nathan Bickell, Columnist April 3, 2013
We are in the first week of what could be one of the most exciting and unpredictable baseball seasons in recent memory, and no division better exemplifies this than the one most likely to have its hats and jerseys displayed around campus: the American League East. From 1998 to 2007 the AL East was the…

Between the lines: Give us some stars

By Nate Bickell, Columnist March 20, 2013
Columnist Nate Bickell takes a look at the World Baseball Classic's fatal flaw.

Between the Lines: Lifelong Sox fan to make a trip of a lifetime

By Steve Derderian, Staff Writer March 7, 2013
Before I dig into this week’s column, I have to thank my fellow teammate and sports writer Nathan Bickell for having good sportsmanship throughout last week’s competition and giving me the opportunity to write this column. Spring break is about to begin for Ithaca College students, and many will retreat to warmer locations for a…

Between the lines: The great half-court shootout

By Nate Bickell, Columnist February 28, 2013
Nate and Steve go head-to-head in a shootout for the column

Between the lines: score one Go-Daddy

By Nathan Bickell, Columnist February 7, 2013 ad may have disgusted audiences, but it was the Super Bowl's most effective advertisement.

Between the lines: Sibling rivalry hits sport’s biggest stage

By Nathan Bickell, Columnist January 31, 2013
Sibling rivalries exist all over the sports world, from the NFL to NCAA crew

Between the Lines: The truth will set you free

By Nathan Bickell, Columnist January 24, 2013
This past week, we have witnessed the fall from grace of two athletes, Lance Armstrong and Manti Te’o, whose stories once represented all that was right with sports. The former was inevitable while the latter was drastic and unexpected. In a two-night interview with Oprah, Armstrong finally admitted that he cheated his way to all…

Between the Lines: Running brings film crew and boxer together for documentary

By Nathan Bickell, Columnist December 13, 2012
Film crew travels to UMAR Boxing gym and bonds with a boxer through a jogging trip together and come together for documentary "Cornered."

Between The Lines: Bonds and Clemens should be kept out of the Hall of Fame

By Nathan Bickell, Columnist December 4, 2012
Columnist Nathan Bickell states why he feels Roger Clemens and Barry Bonds should be kept out of the Baseball Hall of Fame.
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