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What is your experience with living situations at IC?

By | Oct 28, 2021

I’m sure everyone reading this has figured out though, college accommodations are very different from life back at home. 

What is your experience with living situations at IC?

By | Oct 28, 2021

Even now with three flatmates in my Circle apartment, I’m fine, but that’s because I don’t share a room with anyone, and I can just close my door.

Why did you choose Ithaca College?

By | Sep 9, 2021

Is the college perfect? Definitely not, but no college is. What matters is that you take advantage of the resources and opportunities around you while

Some Thoughts on 2015, Ready for 2016

By | Jan 1, 2016

I started this blog on the very first day of 2015—and 2015 has been quite a year.

London A-Z

By | Dec 19, 2015

In London, one of the most-loved and most-used London Guidebooks is called the London A-Z. You can find this book in any convenience store, street vendor, Waterstone, and on any shelf in ICLC. My personal semester-long project was to create my own London A-Z, featuring all of my favorite/most memorable London places and spaces!

Clothing blog idea wins Park Tank’s top prize of $500

By | Sep 30, 2015

Senior Prairwa “Sunny” Leerasanthanah won the first prize of $500 to incorporate a clothing company into her Tumblr blog, “But I’m a Tomboy.”

Chapter 1: Hello World!

By | Sep 15, 2015

Fanny packs, despite American Apparel’s best efforts, have been rapidly fading from both the fashion and travel industries. Believe it or not, Money Belts are now in vogue.

The Importance of Reading Food Labels

By | Nov 10, 2013

The truth is, today you have no idea what you’re really eating unless you grew it yourself.

Video: Snap Judgment – Is the ability to give back to your community a priority when choosing your career?

By | Apr 25, 2013

Students around campus share their opinions on whether they think giving back to their community is an important reason why they chose their career.

Video: Snap Judgement – Should Ithaca College limit free printing?

By | Apr 18, 2013

Ithaca College students share their opinions about whether or not they believe the school should limit the amount of pages that can be printed for free.

Video: Snap Judgement – Would you drink craft beer over mainstream beer?

By | Apr 11, 2013

Students around campus share their preferences for craft and mainstream beer.

Video: Hidden Talents of Ithaca — Meghan Kissinger, humor writer

By | Apr 4, 2013

Senior Meghan Kissinger hopes to turn her talent for humor writing into a future career. She talks about her blog, how she stays funny, and how it all began in this all new Hidden Talents of Ithaca.